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I walked quietly up to them in the darkened room and waited for a break in the action of the movie before saying, “Terence, you asked me if you guys could do anything to help.
I know of a way, but I’m afraid that you might think it’s gross. Naked sexy babe hi res.
You guys have enjoyed watching my big breasts bounce and sway for these last two weeks, and I’m wondering if one or both of you would be willing to suck them for me.

I know that is a lot to ask, so feel free to say no. Naked girls sex in shower.
I think that we would all enjoy it, though.
” The whites of their eyes and their big white smiles were visible in the reflected light from the TV screen.
It was funny when they both said, almost simultaneously, “Hell yeah, Jackie, we’d love to help you out.

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” I responded, “Now don’t think that I’m a slut or anything.
I’ve never done anything like this with other men since I’ve been married, and I just need help to relieve the pressure of all this milk.
Let’s go into the bedroom so we can be comfortable. Chuck norris cat jokes.
” We took the few short steps to the bedroom, and I lay back in the middle of the bed.

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