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It was so embarrassing.
Over her boss’ lap; dress up and panties down, just like a little girl.
Her cute round buns were soundly spanked; it hurt so.
Now it was Carla’s turn.
How could she tell her? Why were they being spanked? Cockstarrr live porn no sign ups. Hard to say.
Other than Miss Dalton seemed to like young women.
Actually, what Daphne got between the hand spanking and the hairbrush was pretty nice.
Too bad the entire experience wasn’t as enjoyable.
Miss Dalton just told her to pass the mahogany hairbrush to Carla and send her into the inner office. Free sex chat african girls no registration.

Carla sat at the next desk and was Daphne’s best friend.
Carla, seeing the terrible state Daphne was in, came up to console her.
“Daphne, my gosh, what happened in there.
What were all those slapping like noises?” “She is crazy today, Carla. F0oxxxyalice www kerala sex live.
You won’t believe it.
” “What did she do to you, you can’t stop crying.
” “I still can’t believe it.
She took me over her lap and spanked my bare tush.
She wouldn’t stop, no matter how I cried.
It was awful. Santa rosa teens fucking married women.
” “What did you do?” “I don’t know Carla, and now she wants you in there, with my hairbrush!

Now!” “What did I do?” Not having an answer for her best friend, Daphne merely handed her the hairbrush.
Carla took the brush with two fingers and slowly walked to the boss’ office. Teri weigel interracial.
She entered the inner office moments later.
There was a shocked look about her face, as she stopped dead in her tracks.
She held the hairbrush as if it were on fire.
Angie was in “the spanking chair.
” “What is it, Miss Dalton? Seyame free no login live sex cam. Daphne just said you wanted me, and gave me … this.

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