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And the food was a whole lot better than at state.
I had people to see of course, chief among them was Jenna.
I needed to talk to her about keeping up the fiction we’d created between us that almost seven years ago now. Women fucking crockett virginia tn.
That figured to be no problem unless there was something I was not privy to.
Yes, Winnie had apparently pretty much figured it out, but she was the only one and I was more than confident of her keeping my confidence, and Jenna’s of course. Zelda melody porn.
Then I got the visitor I really didn’t want to see, Ronald Carter.
“Got a minute, bro,” said the voice behind me that I immediately recognized.

I turned to face him.
“For you? No,” I said.
I turned back away and continued wringing out the mop I’d just brought out to clean up the mess somebody’d left near the rear entrance way. Chubby webcam.
“Please, David.
Cut me some slack here.
I’ll only take a minute or two of your time, and then I’ll leave you alone if you want,” he said.
Figuring he was not going to leave me alone if I didn’t hear him out, I turned back to him once more. Radioactive decay and absolute dating.
“Whaddya want, asshole? You took my wife away from me, tried to take my kid away too, and pretty much ruined my life; so what is it do you think that I want to have to do with you,” I said.

“David, yes, I guess you have a gripe when it comes to me taking Stacey away from you, but you haven’t lost your daughter, our daughter; nor did I ruin your life. Random dating roulette.
You did the latter yourself when you killed those three bums,” he said.
“Whatever,” I said.
“So what do you want? I’m working and I don’t have time for the one I hate most in the world.

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