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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Ffuuuccckkk! Ooooooooh shit I am cumming!” Mistress slaps my ass and yells, “FUCK MY ASS NOW.
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I remained buried in her ass as long as she permitted me to.
She tapped my shoulder and turned me around saying, “Good slave now clean off his shitty dick! Free dating. Then drink your cum from my hot ass!” I did as she instructed and with eagerness licked his cock spotless.
I then lay down and devoured my cum from her sweet ass.
She quivers and cums again covering my chin with her juices.

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Mistress got up and kissed Carl.
Then turned and patted my cheek saying, “Now get yourself washed up, it’s time for us to go, and for you to get back to work!” I took Carl’s hand, told him thanks for a great time, and prepared to go back to work. Online dating services uk.
After she got dressed, Mistress Deana walked over to Carl and kissed him telling him how marvelous he was.
He returned the kiss and said, “Your place or mine sweet lady?” To which she replied, “Your hotel suite of course! Sweet anal tube. I need a shower!” As I am taking the sign off the door I see my mistress walking towards me.
She pulls me close then kisses me deeply and whispers, “Thanks for the hot time baby, you did very well! Meet us after work if you can. Axel whitehead nude photo.
the fun had just started.
” I showered while waiting for Pam.
After towelling off I put my boxers back on and made a drink.
I returned to the bedroom and sat in the chair to relax and watched Tina as she slept.

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She hadn’t moved since I put her in the bed.
Pam arrived and came to the bedroom.
We kissed before she jumped into the shower.
She came back and sat on my lap.
”She looks worn out,” Pam observed.
“How did it go?” ”Great,” I replied. Vanessa cage sleepover.
“But she’s not there yet.
” ”Doug is,” she giggled.
“He is very submissive.
” She told about her evening with Doug.
She had made him beg for release, made him crazy with her hands and tongue.
She stroked him while he watched the videos I sent without letting him finish until the very end. Old mature senior nudist couples.
After he finally came on her face his knees had buckled and he was drained.
She had put him to bed before coming home.

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