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This doll would be ready for him whenever he needed her to be.
She would never say no or not be in the mood.
It was an amazing investment.
He took off his clothes and grabbed some baby oil.
He poured it onto his hand and moved the oil all over his cock and balls. Gang bang stories double penetration.
He moved his hand up and down his shaft.
The oil felt nice on his dick.
His hand was now slick while jacking off.
He was watching somebody have sex with the doll while beating his meat.
Up and down he moved his hand. Adult phone sex shureh khak.
His pre-cum was bubbling and he could see the sticky goo on the tip of his cock.
He moved onto his smooth balls that he squeezed together while moving his hand faster on his dick.
It didn’t take long until he came on his palm. Dimkawhite86 jasmin free cam.
He walked to get a tissue to clean up his mess.

After masturbating, he went back to his computer and ordered a doll.
It was going to cost quite a bit of money.
But, he had the money in his bank.
He charged the whole thing. Free sexhook up sites.
He ordered the Holly doll.
Her specifications were as follows.
Blonde hair, blue eyes, bust size 40 DD, shaved pussy.
He was so excited and couldn’t wait for her arrival.
It would take a few weeks for her to come. Nude cam site.
She also could be programmed to blink, move her eyes, moan, breath and talk.
She could be programmed to say general things.
She could even have orgasms.
This was going to be just what Robert needed.
He ordered several sexy outfits for the doll to wear.

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He was over the moon with pleasure and couldn’t wait for her to arrive.
He watched the sex doll video several more times.
It was eerily very lifelike and really didn’t look like a doll.
Most people would know that she wasn’t real but for Robert, she would be his girl. The size pays off hollie mack.
He would eat with her, fuck her, love her.
The only thing was, she wasn’t really a human.
He hoped it wouldn’t fuck his mind up too much.
He did want to marry and have children someday.
This was something that he really couldn’t tell many people about. Carryxx free talk on porn no sign up.
Most people would probably find it weird and gross.
But, Robert found it exciting and a necessity.
It was a lot better than just jerking off.

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