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They stepped out into the morning light, a loud cheer greeted them.
There, standing in front of the villagers are Briehalt, Father Reybal and Grisel.
Their weapons and provisions waiting there for them.
Father Reybal raised his arms and silence befell the crowd.
“Let us pray for these two brave souls.
” “Oh father, keep these two safe on their quest. Big huge skinny surprise porn gif nude homemade.
May they be triumphant against the dragon, Dalbinth.
And return safely with the Valee Stone, the stone of life.
This we ask of you O Lord, Amen.
” The crowd responded, “Amen.
” Father Reybal gave his blessing to Belana, Richart, their weapons and provisions.

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It was now time for them to say their goodbyes.
Once they did, they set off for Misty Mountain and The Misty Hollows Cave.
It would be be a five day walk.
As they walked, they took note of the burnt fields and trees, some still smoldering. Latin guy fucks milf.
Richart said to Belana, “That dragon has made it impossible for the townspeople to survive the coming winter.
” “Not if we return the stone in time, Richart.
” Belana then quickened the pace.
“What do you mean, Belana?” “You will see, very soon as to what I mean.
” After an easy day of walking, they had made camp along with a fire.

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Once they had eaten, they slept next to each other near the fire.
Over the next three days, the walking gradually became more challenging.
Traversing steep hills, fields of rock and a river of ice cold water. Underwear dating.
Richart and Belana were able to supplement their provisions, hunting rabbit.
They were able to have a fire each night to keep warm.

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