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I brushed my teeth in the dark in the bathroom, groped my way to my bed, and slid under the single top-sheet.
It was so hot that we’d each chucked our duvets onto the floor – I’d much rather have been sleeping in the nude, but with Matt there it wasn’t really an option. Free australian sex chat no credit card.

It wasn’t that we were particularly embarrassed to be naked when the other one was there, but we’d kind of slipped into the habit of respecting the other’s privacy. Airg hot talk chat room.
So he’d get dressed while I was in the bathroom, and vice versa.
I’d happily potter around in my underwear with him there, and he usually wore boxer-shorts which didn’t give much away, but I’d have been a bit embarrassed if he’d seen me wandering around with nothing on at all. Real girlfriend cumshot free video.

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