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She has a very low opinion of her own body and is very self-conscious.
“I told her you are very good at oral sex,” Janet then said.
“What did you say that for? ” I asked in disbelief.
“Because you are.
I can vouch for when you are with a woman, and you are with men too apparently,” she said, “That’s what that guy told me after I watched you suck him off.
” She was referring to the one and only time she had watched me with a guy, twenty years ago.

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Anyway, that is the background to what happened next time I saw Dave.
He had invited me out on his boat fishing.
I had been out with him before.
He had a nice half cabin runabout with a one hundred horse power outboard motor. Anal cream ebony pie.

But Dave wasn’t a mechanically minded type of guy and I wasn’t convinced with his seamanship either so I always checked the weather forecast and water conditions before accepting any invitation to go out on the bay with him. Salad fingers real life.
Having assured myself I was going to be about as safe as I could be, Saturday found me waiting on the jetty for him to bring the boat around and pick me up.

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