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A tiny water bottle stuck out of the pocket of her khakhi shorts and in a hurry to pul it out open it and drink it, it spilt all over her chest.
Her breasts juggled as she jumped in reaction, her nippled peaked and poking through the fabric of the shirt. Paulet parrette porn.
IT was evident that she had no bra on.
Thirsty , Fiona set out to find water.
She could her some running water close by and started following the sound.
As the sound grew louder she reached a barrier of bushes, on the other side of which, fell in magnificence , a small but grand waterfall. Nood pictures of girls.
around 20 ft in height, the waterfall landed gently in a rock pool below.
One would be mesmerised by the beauty of the falls, but Fiona, was mesmerised by something else.
at the base of the falls, in the rock pool stood a woman, stark naked, with a green stone embedded in a silver medallion, , tied by a black thread around her head. Sexy pornstar vega vixen up close and personal.
Her body was bare, plump, and her large boobs sagged a little.

She had a large ass, and her eyes were the green of a jade and very alluring.
As Fiona kept staring at the woman, who was calmly bathing in the water of the falls, she became weak and had the urge to enslaven herself to the woman. Adult decent freecamchat.
She cut through the bush and as she stumbled across the other side, the bathing woman turned and looked at Fiona.
She sensed Fiona’s weakness and gave her a seductive but evil smile, while running her hands over her breasts and briefly pinching her nipples Fiona wheezed, ” I’m Fiona, I’m looking for my boyfriend Tyler, and I was thirsty so I came in search of water.
“, she coughed, “Do you know anything” The woman smiled broadly, and then screamed a few words in a strange language. Chubby girls huge tits tubes.
Within moments, ten semi naked women appeared from the bushes, 8, surrounded Fiona, and 2 attended to the naked woman, robing her scantily.
“I’m Iris” said the woman to Fiona, “Chief Guardian of the Sacred LAnd of The Mother.

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You have trespassed on The Sacred LAnd of The Mother, and since you travel with a male companion I must get rid of you and him, so that us, the guardians of this land are not distracted by sin, from our duty” Fiona instantly replied, ” Iris, please, I am one of you. Love twins atm porn.
I am also a woman.
Spare me and I shall teach you how to enslaven the man for your benefit” how so?” asked IRis “First find him, and bring him to me, and I will show you” replied Fiona ~~ An hour later Tyler appeared with two of the guardians, and was already hypnotised by the green gem in teh silver medallion. No payment adult chat.
Fiona explained, “In this sub conscious state he is most vulnerable to be influenced.

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