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The excitement was too much for all of us.
I came in Mary and the two of you came moaning into each other’s cunt.
We slept the slept of the sated and wicked.
In the morning we were all on the deck having fruit and coffee. Non consensual trapped femdom humiliation.
All of us were wearing T shirts and no bottoms.

The two of you came over to me and wedged me between you.
You rubbed your cunts on my legs and started stroking my prick.
Mary led me into the bedroom by my prick. Antigua and barbuda girls looking for sex.
I got on my back and she straddled my prick.
You were behind her and caressing her breasts and ass.
Then you sat on my face.
I was in sexual paradise.
Mary started grunting and riding my cock faster and faster.

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I pushed up and came in her copiously.
Then the two of you got on the bed and wrapped your legs around each other and ground your cunts together.
You both came quickly.
We all rested a while then Mary said she had to get going. Femdom anal bondage.
We gave her a hug and kiss and sent her on her way.
As many of you know, Jaq is my wife.
She is fifty-seven, blonde and very horny.
Most of my stories are true, this one will surely happen soon.

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