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After the introducing cartoon and previews were over a man came into my row and sat right next to me.
Surprised me since there were few people in the theater.
He was tall, black and guessing in his mid thirties. I want chat with sexy girls free online with webcam.
He politely said hi and asked if I minded him sitting there.

I nervously said no as the movie was beginning.
When he sat down in the chair right of me I noticed that he was wearing a shiny gold watch on his left wrist. Fat step daughter.
Really was an expensive looking watch.
He was certainly tall considering I was only 5’6″ which made me look like a midget next to him.
t was only about 15 minutes into the movie when I felt a couple of his fingers lightly touching my knee and in a minute or so slightly rubbing my leg.

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I didn’t know what was going on but even though I am not gay it was titillating.
Since I did not protest he continued to touch my leg.
To my amazement I began getting an erection.
I then asked him to excuse me so I could go to the bathroom. Keesha sharp nude tits.
As I got up to go he followed me…perhaps to make sure I wasn’t going to tell one of the ushers.

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