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” “Hate is a strong word, David.
Really,” he said.
“Let me put it this way, Ronald Carter, ex-brother.
Inside I was raped numerous times.
Beat up even more than that.
And, compared with you, I love those guys. Current feminist theory in validating women39s own.
Yeah, hate’s a strong word, do yuh think! And, get this, I hate you!” I said, “And I always will.
” “David, I came here to offer you a deal,” he said.
“Don’t want it,” I said.
“Now, you can leave.
” “Hear me out. Webcam masturbation porn.
Okay?” he said.
“What! I’m busy,” I said.
“How does fifty grand annual sound to you?” he said.
“Money? A job? Fuck you,” I said.

“Stacey was worth way more than that to me.
Tell her that.
Maybe it’ll make her feel bad about dumping me for a player like you,” I said. Country songs about dating.
“Man you are something for damn sure,” he said.
“I didn’t ask you to come here and offer me money as some kind of consolation prize.
I never want to see your ugly face again.
Do I make myself clear?” I said. Giovanix lasbians free sex home com.
“Yeah, I guess,” he said.
“Fuck you and fuck off, asshole.
You wanna do me a favor just get lost and stay lost! That’s all I’m ever going to ask of you.
” The man nodded and left.
I think he was feeling down, but who knew.

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What I was pretty sure of was the likely fact that he would henceforth be leaving me alone.
Well, I could hope.
The next days were busy for me.
Well, I was setting up my new life.
Bank account, driver’s license, even though I didn’t have a car anymore, and a few other things along the same lines. Men pissing in your jeans.
I was almost ready to make the tour.
Then I got the visitor that I did want to see, my daughter.
God she was pretty.

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