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The big day arrived – Nes and I decided that both of us should go to the airport to welcome the young Prince.
After a few minutes, the Prince showed up, he was in his late thirties, well built and very good looking. Good girl before to bed 18. Amateur tube.
The limo was waiting for us; we took our guest to a luxurious five star hotel in the countryside of Marrakech.
He just loved the place and said he would be ready to visit the palaces after lunch with us. Juliana88 dominatrix chat room.
I could not decline an invitation from a prince, so we had lunch with him and talked about a future join venture between his empire and our real estate company.
We started our tour at 3pm, with the Prince insisting that Nes join us. Amatuer sex videos with cat licking.
Around 7 pm, we went back to the hotel, and planned to go out for dinner with our guest.
Nes put on her favourite Abaya (Arabic long black dress) and best garments, and as always, she was radiant and full of life. Level 19 rogue twink enchants.

I was wearing a black classic suit and had that ever-lasting smile in my face.
The prince was waiting for us in the lobby; he was wearing a Calvin Klein suit and looked like a movie star! He invited us for a drink in a cozy bar in the hotel. Eating sweaty ass.
We sat down in a private corner with dimmed lights, then the waiter came with a bottle of Moet and Chandon.
“Thank you so much for the great job that you’ve done; now I want you to get the best possible price; I will buy seven of the palaces you’ve showed. Facial nyc photo.
Now we have to celebrate and tomorrow we’ll sign our future joint venture documents” When I heard this my heart almost stopped.
I could tell Nescafe was very happy because her eyes were glowing and watery. Female masturbation stoires.
The Prince was enjoying our company and occasionally gave Nes a nice smile and lingering look.
I knew he was hooked by her beauty and her hot tight body.
When Nes excused herself to go to the bathroom, the Prince was fixing his eyes on her monster booty and cock hardening body.

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He almost choked! He looked at me and said, “Man you’re lucky to have a wife and business partner like Nes, you must be happy with such a wonderful lady!” “Prince, I thank you so much for the compliments, for me Nes is the bright star of my life. Hot milf sex v deos.
She is such a gifted, sweet and hard working lady” I responded.
A few minutes later Nescafe was back with that big everlasting smile.
The Prince excused himself to take a call; I could hear what he was saying. La baule.
Suddenly, he started talking about Nes, how gorgeous she was, and what a perfect body she had.
I couldn’t believe my ears when he mentioned how big her ass was and that he would do anything to fuck her! Erotic story wife interracial share. Nes couldn’t believe what she heard, she looked at me and gave me that foxy smile and told me, since her body made a Prince go crazy, she too would do any thing to serve a Prince’s cock.

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