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I decided I’d wear a white string bikini and my black pumps.
I brought my boom box outside and put on some house music, so I could dance while washing my car.
I went outside and poured the car washing solution into my bucket, and then got the hose and filled the bucket with water. Mom daughter big butt fuck.
The bubbles were filling up nicely in the bucket.
I put my sponge into the bucket and then sprayed the car with water.
I began to wash the car with the car wash solution.
I noticed Vincent was outside.
I waved at him and he waved back to me. Internet dating game players.
I was soaping the car up really good and really getting into it.
It was really hot and I held the hose over my head and got myself really wet.
My nipples were hard in my top.
I really wanted to get his attention and I took off my bikini top and washed the car topless. Nude hairy females exams.
Vincent now was looking directly at me and I could tell he looked a little shocked, but he never took his eyes off me.
I was now washing the hood, lights of the front end, the sides of each of the car, and the back.

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What I did next was really strange, but I knew it looked very sexy.
I held my breasts and washed the car with them.
I looked over and he now started to walk towards me to get a better view.
I continued to use my breasts as sponges. Derrick rose having sex.
When I was finished, I then sprayed the car and made sure to jump up and down so my breasts would jiggle.
I even squeezed them together and started to do a very sexy dance.
“Alice, you sure do a very sexy car wash. Rachelle stelle milf mom.
I sure would love for you to come over and wash my car.
” “I would love to wash your car.
If you want, you can pull your car in my drive way and I could wash it right now.
” “Okay, I’ll bring my car over right now. Model samantha sterlyng gloryhole bj cum.
” Vincent then ran to his driveway and drove his car over to my house.
I knew I had his attention, because I was topless.
He was basically drooling at my firm and lovely breasts.

I drove my car into the street so Vincent could pull right into my driveway. Brody dating kristin cavallari.
Vincent pulled his car into my driveway and got out of the car.
“Vincent I brought you out a lawn chair.
Sit down and I’ll wash your car.
” Vincent sat down and I sprayed his car with my hose and then I started to soap his car up. Latina sex wild.
I did the same thing with my breasts.
I used them like sponges, while I washed his car.
I then wanted to really blow his mind and I slipped a few fingers into my bikini bottom.
I fingered my pussy, while he watched me. Big boobs woman blowjob cock slowly.
“Gee Alice, you’re a very sexy young woman.
You’re so fit and have a beautiful body.
You’re really raising my blood pressure seeing you topless.
” “Why don’t I finish the car and then you could come inside. Deepthroat blowjob facial cumshot.

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