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I’ve been wearing it since we left the store.
On low it gives you a really nice, steady hum.
On high, the thing jumps around so much it could walk across the table all by itself.
It vibrates my pussy and squeezes my clit. Pekpekcums usasexy chat.
All in one piece.
” “Well, that explains a lot.
” “Why do you think I sent you up here so early? I wanted to play with it to make sure I knew how it works.
” “Yea.
I’ll bet you did.
And, does it?” Smiling, she leaned back and stretched her body, “Oh, It works.
” We continued sipping our drinks and taking in the view. Amy whine nude.
As we talked, I had the small control in my hand playing with the dials.
We talked over our drinks for 10 minutes.
Vicky kept squirming around in her seat, crossing one leg over the other.
I had set my glass on the low table and could see the waitress making her way over to take a new order.

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Suddenly Vicky slid forward to the edge of her chair.
“Oh shit.
that thing’s driving me crazy.
You’ve got to fuck me.
you’ve got to FUCK ME.
” Her voice got louder as she talked.
I looked back toward the bar hoping no one had heard. Shower cam porn.
The waitress had stopped in mid stride and was staring at us in surprise.
Over her shoulder I could see every face in the room staring our way.
They heard.
Before I could react Vicky had grabbed my hand, pulled me up and was guiding me to a deserted corner of the bar right in front of the two story high windows. The worst sex ive ever had.
As soon as we got to the little alcove and out of sight, she pushed me against the window, dropped to her knees and started pulling my cock out of my pants.
I was erect as soon as I hit fresh air.
Looking around she found a padded lounge chair beside us.

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Before I could catch my breath she had pushed me back into it and placed her legs on either side over my hips.
With one hand she reached between her pussy lips and pulled out the vibrator.
Her other hand held my prick, pointing it straight up. Chat4free web chat sex.
In one quick motion she flexed the muscles in her legs and dropped herself onto my lap.
Her channel was so wet and her lips so open my shaft slid in as far as it would go.
“Oh, Damn.
that feels so good.
I’m so fucking hot and you’re so hard. Live cam milf.
I’ve needed to be fucked all afternoon.
Fuck me now, baby.
Fuck me.
” I slid my hands up to cup and squeeze her breasts through the silky thin top.
She was doing all the work.
With the muscles in those dancer’s legs she moved herself up and down.

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Her pussy taking in every inch of my cock with the down stroke.
Looking over her shoulder I could see the waitress peeking around the corner of the alcove, watching us fuck.
She looked right in my eyes but didn’t move an inch. Blowjob kinky story.
After about 30 seconds sliding up and down over my prick Vicky decided to change positions.
Reaching down and grabbing the edges of her short dress, she pulled the garment up displaying her nude body.
Holding the silk between her fingers she turned and slapped her hands as high as she could on the panoramic glass. Asian shemale porn video.
Spreading her legs she rose up on her toes in the 4″ spiked heels.
“Fuck me.
pinch my nipples.
slap my ass.
I want everyone to see how hard you fuck me.
” The sight was incredible.

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