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Brian nodded.
“I…” he began to say before she started kissing him again.
She guided his hands towards her chest.
“They are here by the way,” Amanda smiled looking at him.
“I didn’t know,” Brian asked his hand still on her chest.
“You really thought Stacy had told me to keep girls away from you?” Amanda said as she looked down at him, her long black hair draped over him.
“Yeah,” Brian nodded.
“Well she did, but not to the extent I had taken it,” Amanda smiled. Essex vermont porn girl.
Brian held her around the waist then squeezed her tight ass.
“Thought you liked boobs?” Amanda smiled looking back at his hands.
“I like a nice ass too,” Brian shrugged.
“You know who has a sweet ass?” Amanda smiled sitting up with her legs on each side of him.
“No,” Brian said staring up at her.
“Rebecca,” Amanda smiled.
“Plus, she loves anal!” Amanda said nodding her head.
“Why do I get a feeling that you’re setting me up for something?” Brian asked.
“Well,” Amanda said.
“Spit it out,” Brian said.
“I never spit.

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Just for the record,” Amanda said.
“Rebecca and I have been dating for a few weeks now.
” “So, that’s the person you said you were dating in your last cam show?” Brian smiled.
“Yes, and she knows that I have feelings for you and that’s the real reason I wanted you two to meet,” Amanda smiled.
“You are one sneaky little…” Brian began to say.
“Bitch,” Amanda finished as she got off him.
“Now get ready, we have to take Rebecca to her interview.
” “You’re very bossy do you know that?” Brian said as Amanda went into her room.
“Yes, I know you just have to deal with it,” was the reply he got.
“So, the two of you?” Rebecca asked from the back seat.
“Yup,” Amanda said.

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