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She seemed to have gotten a new fire in her eyes, and locked her hands around the mature woman’s waist, beginning to pull her closer.
“What, are you kidding me?” Patricia asked, sounding exasperated.
“Kids these days really are slow learners. Cooking dating sydney.
Oh well, someone had to teach you this lesson.
Might as well be me,” she sighed, shaking her head.
Patricia twisted her torso again, but almost lost her balance as Cindy pulled down on her waist.
The redhead suddenly drove her own chest forward, pushing Patricia’s bigger teats up with her thick boobs.
“You little shit!” Patricia cursed, but flexed her arms, tightening the bearhug even further and trying to force her rack down. Footjob big cumshot.
The redhead struggled for a while, but couldn’t keep the sheer mass of the cougar’s jugs up for long.

Once their boobs met on even ground again, both women began to shove in a final test of tit supremacy. Emilygoddess china sex chat.
Marcus watched, entranced, as Patricia’s large mammaries slowly started to envelop his girlfriend’s pale breasts.
The mature blonde’s creamy flesh spilled ever-so-slightly over Cindy’s sizable tits, and the redhead ground to the left and right with a growing urgency as she sensed her boobs beginning to yield.
“Yeah, I know you can feel it. Best dating site indians usa.
My big, womanly breasts are grinding you flat, bitch.
Your precious little teenage tits are done.
Turned into mush by a better pair,” the older woman hissed, watching her opponent’s desperate expression with a smug glee. Find similar matures and pantyhose 02.
Oh, she could definitely get used to this.
Who knew crushing busty college chicks would be this much fun? Patricia’s own, ample flesh billowed out quite a bit as well, but the difference between the two large racks was becoming more and more pronounced.

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The mature blonde’s breast tissue was pushed to the sides for a moment when Cindy shoved back with greater force, but quickly started to overwhelm the redhead’s failing tits again.
Cindy looked on with horrified fascination as her big, dense tits continued to withdraw, Patricia’s heavy orbs forcing her flesh to mold and flee despite her best efforts. Oakley girl oakley.
Soon enough, the cougar had completely pinned the redhead’s overmatched udders against her ribcage, flattening the girl’s pride and joy in an impressive show of dominance.
“It’s over now,” Patricia continued, this time with a slightly softer voice, as she pulled away for a moment.
“You’ve lost.

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I know you felt those floppy bags break down and make way for my firmer tits.
” The woman could see tears starting to flow down the girl’s pretty cheeks, and cupped her jaw gently, lifting her head up.
“Shh, it’s okay, Cindy. Places swingers meet west barton vermont.
You don’t even need to say anything.
Just watch.
” She pushed her boobs forward again, slowly, almost lovingly.
All three looked on as Cindy’s big tits flattened, losing their nicely rounded shape.
While Patricia’s thick breasts started to do the same as the front of her breast met some resistance, there was really no comparison. Any fun lds girls out there.
The mature blonde continued pushing, eliciting a deep moan from her young opponent as she forced the redhead’s boobs into her ribcage again.

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