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They finally parted and he tasted her juices as his tongue delved deeply into her.
Victoria was moaning now.
His tongue slipped up to her clitoris and he covered it, bathing it in his saliva.
It was stretch and swollen, Victoria squirmed in pleasure. Extreme clit tube.
After a few minutes of this intense pleasure, Victoria pushed Mike’s head lower and tilted her hips up.
His tongue slid to the bottom of her pussy but she pushed further until his tongue rested on her bumhole. Adult voice sex chat.
“Lick it, clean it with your tongue,” she ordered.
Mike redoubled his effort and thrust his tongue against it.
The taste was different, not bad but somehow much stronger.
Victoria stretched a little wider and his tongue slipped inside the dark recesses of her bum. Gay dating for professionals.
She pushed down and his tongue went further inside.
She was moaning loudly now, grinding up against his mouth.
The taste was even stronger now and with his nose pressed up against her sphincter muscle, he was experiencing Victoria at her most base level.

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She squeezed her asshole and it clamped down cruelly on his tongue.
She squeezed and released, squeezed and released until his tongue was aching.
Then apparently satisfied, she relaxed her hips, drew his head forward and pressed his tongue against her clit. Adult sex dating in derma mississippi.
“Now, go till I cum Little Boy,” she ordered.
Go till I cum.
” Mike’s tongue lashed against her throbbing clit.
He could feel the beat of her heart pulsing within it.
Wrapping his lips around it, he started to hum, setting up a vibration. Solo shemale amature.
This pushed Victoria over the edge and she shrieked as she climaxed.
Her vagina spasmed and convulsed, moisture squeezing out of it in waves.
She pressed Mike’s head tighter against it, grinding away as she shuddered in ecstasy. Nude swim suit model.
Slowly she collapsed back onto the lounge.
Mike obediently stayed kneeling at her feet, his face wet from her juices.
As she slowly recovered, panting her breath, they heard a sound from the far side of the yard.

Dick had her running.
Looking over, they could see the head of one of the teenage boys from across the street staring open mouthed at the two of them.
Victoria pulled the towel over her and Mike started to cover up.
“No, don’t you dare,” she ordered, “or the game is over. Art erotic nude teens glamour.
” Mike stiffened but stopped moving.
“Go inside, into the bedroom and wait for me there on all fours she ordered.
The game will continue.
” Mike arose, his semi hard cock pointing in front of him and obediently walked into the house. Sexycatalecya hdanimal porn.
Victoria could hear the giggling of their voyeur as he watched Mike.
Then fully relaxed, she lay back and covered herself with the towel.

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