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Apparently it was my turn to reciprocate.
I may have panicked slightly; walls were falling too quickly for me, barriers crumbling, and yet the urge was there, that curiosity – there’s that word again – to know if I’d do it, what his cock would feel like in my mouth, what he’d taste like… Kaci, that incredible woman, bailed me out. Brook adams.
She rose to her knees, took his cock in her hand and began to kiss and suck it, sliding those lips I love to kiss over the swollen, dripping head.
She sucked him for a moment or two, then turned and kissed me, her lips wet and slick. Asian family nudist pictures.
She thrust her tongue into my mouth and I tasted the slipperiness of his pre-cum, and when she pulled away she gently guided his cock to my lips.
And I took him.
The head of his cock slipped into my mouth, and it felt astonishingly right, hard yet yielding, the glans and soft foreskin silky-smooth. Horny porn movie clips.
He tasted of salt and coconut oil, and a faint male muskiness, and when he leaked a few droplets of pre-cum into my mouth I let it coat my tongue.

We shared him, and that somehow made it alright, Kaci and I taking turns sucking and licking his big cock and slipping his heavy balls into our mouths. Lesbian anal vegetables.
I was hard as a rock the entire time, my own cock achingly aroused and at the precipice, and when he groaned and tensed and that first enormous spurt of glistening white erupted from him I came too.
He coated our lips with his thick cum and we each swallowed some, but when Kaci realized that I was coming simultaneously she quickly bent and took me into her mouth. Amature orgasmic teen fuck blowjob.
That left me to suck him dry, and I did, more eagerly than I would have thought possible, astonished by the volume of his load and the hardness and power of his cock pumping and throbbing as he came.
Everything so new, strange and sudden was incredibly intense, and I gulped down the mouthful of his warm semen without even thinking about it. Swingers exchange photos.

Afterwards, things winding down and cocks going limp, I think we were all left stunned.
I know I was, and Scott flopped down on his towel, spent.
It soon dawned on us that we had left Kaci unfulfilled – her gentle pout, touch and soft urging pointing that out. Sex dating in bluffton arkansas.
She was almost writhing with arousal, and he and I devoted our attentions to her until she was sweat and cum-soaked inside and out, exhausted and begging us to stop.
We went in the ocean to rinse off and cool down, and afterwards he went on his way – but not before extracting a promise from us to meet him and his wife for dinner and, as he put it, “Some more curiosity-satisfying adventures. Women getafe nude.

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