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“Do you think he can handle all of your cock, Shonda?” I heard Kelli ask.
“He will be able to do more than that by the time I get the rest of it shoved in his ass,” she replied.
“Well, I am tired of being left out. Tracey sucking black cocks.
” That was all that Kelli said before slipping under me and taking my cock into her mouth.
I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.
I had the girl I had fallen for face fucking me, Kelli sucking my cock and last but not least I had Shonda’s monster cock damn near buried in me. Lonely black female sex buddys in glendive.
This was more than I could have ever imagined happen to me.
I was definitely in a shemale heaven.
“Tyssa, I need you to get ready for the ‘coupe de grace’,” I heard Shonda say.
“I am ready whenever you are, on the count of three,” Tyssa said.

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Two………… Threeeeeeee!!” Shonda counted out.
That was when I felt Shonda pull back and in one quick thrust she buried her cock in my stretched out ass.
At the same time she shoved her cock into me; Tyssa had pulled back and shoved her cock deep down my throat. Midget gangbang sex.
The pain was so much that I was gagging and screaming all in the same breathe.
Shonda just left her cock there for a minute while my ass slowly relaxed.
Once my screams turned into moans, Shonda began to fuck my ass. Actionteam erotic young little models.
Slowly and deliberately.
So here I am, one cock buried in my throat, one buried in my ass all the while both being worked in and out at a steady tempo.

Then there was Kelli.
She was slowly sucking my cock to an orgasm I knew would be soon. Beautiful girl on east setauket new york line.
I felt like I was being squeezed from the front and back as Tyssa and Shonda both leaned in and began kissing each other.
I felt my balls tighten up and Kelli began to suck my cock like there was no tomorrow. Caroline pierce interracial.
I let out a groan and I shot my load down her throat.
My orgasm was so intense I just knew I was going to pass out, but I kept conscious through it all.
“Mmmmmm!! That was quiet a load you had just for me, Bill,” Kelli said as she climbed out from under me. Adult dating.
“I think he is ready for the finale,” she continued to say.
Tyssa grabbed my head and began to fuck my throat and I felt Shonda grab my hips and begin to pick up her pace as well.

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