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The party was at a bar that was privately booked and the place was packed.
It was quite a while before her friend showed up, but once she did, I took the first chance I had to ask her about the story.
It was clear from her reaction that she didn’t know what I was talking about. Single-lady video calling with sexy girl online.

With Han’s lies confirmed, I took off and grabbed a cab home.
Han must have left right on my heels, because she showed up at my place in another cab just moments after me.
I tried not to let her in, but she slid her way by me before I could close the door. Condom target audience.
Han came begging for forgiveness, but all I wanted was for her to leave.
It had been fun, but the cheating and the lying were too much.

Unfortunately try as I might, Han wouldn’t leave.
I tried reasoning, telling her that no matter how much she wanted it to be otherwise, that it was over. Sexystella hot porngirls.
I called her slutty names, I tried dragging her out and I even spit in her face, but she refused to go.
It seemed like it had been going on for hours and I was so tired that I just wanted to sleep.

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