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The heels of my feet dig into my soft butt.
I breathe heavily, enjoying taking the weight off my joint and muscles.
All pretense aside I continue fingering my pussy, rubbing deep inside.
I start to pant and moan heavily. Freegrannycams.
I withdraw my fingers and see a thick glob of my fluids.
I rub my lips and flirt with my clot.
There is something almost submissive about this position.
On my knees, being sprayed with water.
Fatigued. Alexis lee nude.
Unable to fight.
I close my eyes, and as I finger myself, I fantasize.
I’m at perfect cock sucking height and naturally it quickly comes to mind.
How great in would feel.
I day dream about a strong dominate hand running through my wet hair, bringing my head closer. Sex chat rio claro city.
I open my mouth wide for my imaginary partner, the water lapping against my tongue.

The fictional partner in my fantasy starts off gentle, playing with my hair while I take his warm throbbing cock into my waiting mouth. Private sex cams hacked free.
In reality, my skin starts to flush and my pussy wets itself, happy with this little dream.
“Please be gentle,” I say quietly to no one.
Now grabbing fistfuls of hair, I imagine my mouth being used a little more forcefully. Ametur nude blogs.
My cunt aches and I start to rock back and forth on my heels.
I imagine my fictional lover cumming deep in my mouth.
In real life, I swallow.
I gaze up at the shower head.
My body needs relief.
I struggle to get t my feet, and detach the showerhead from its holder on the wall. User dating site personals czech.
I get back on my knees – this is where I belong – and I snake the hose and the showerhead between my legs.
The hot water sprays against my slutty lips and slams into my delicate clitoris.

I throw my head back, and moan loudly, unable to hide my lust. Platteville wi housewives personals.
With one hand holding the showerhead, I use my free hand to fondle my breasts.
What I need is a way to do this hands free.
Again I try to bring myself back up to a standing position.
I bend my knees, barely off the ground, but feel them give out on me and my butt slams into the cold hard tiled floor with a small splash. Dating rickenbacker.
Breathing heavily I try again, my head swimming, and manage to get up, but with some discomfort.
I grab the showehead and wrap it around the pole that is holding up all my shower toiletries , shampoos, and soaps. Girls to fuck in elliot lake ontario tx.
I turn it to its high pressure setting and aim it into the far corner of the shower stall.

I quickly drop to my knees, the heat and steam finally getting to me and robbing me of any strength I had left. Free gallery mature wife.
I crawl over to the corner, and sit down.
I spread my legs as wide as I can – so unladylike like, such a dirty girl – and whimper as the forceful jet of water ravages my tiny little wet pussy.
I fidget and squirm, trying to avoid the water from directly hitting my clit. Mill ave tonight.
Try as I might, I have neither the coordination nor strength, and stray jets of water fuck my clit.
Faint hints of tears well up in my eyes; it’s too much, it hurts.
My swollen clit throbs angrily.
I manage to reposition myself a tad, but enough so the water isn’t hitting my most sensitive sport directly. Sex chatrooms rancho las antonias.
Though, now and then, I feel a shock shoot up my spine as my poor clit takes a stream of water head on.

What are some objects i can insert into my pussy.

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