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I tried to keep my eyes off of his 6 pack and stay focused on his face.
“Why are you sleeping? It’s 11 am,” he asked grabbing a seat next to mine.
“I haven’t slept very well these past couple nights.
” He leaned back into the chair and smiled. Christmas dating london.
“That’s probably from your midnight swims,” he stated.

He knew about that? I thought I was quiet.
I must have looked shocked.
“Don’t worry, I wasn’t stalking you.
I got up one night to pee and saw a shadow sneak out the sliding doors. Sexy girls for dating.
I went to the deck and tried to see the doc but I couldn’t.
Then I heard a splash and figured someone was swimming.
Then I remembered that you love to swim and haven’t since I got here, I just assumed it was you.

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” “How did you know I love to swim?” “Well if wasn’t a dead giveaway by your body.
meaning you’re pretty fit, but also Tony told me.
” “Oh,” I blushed.
“Where are Em and Tony?” “They took the canoe over to the island to go jump of the rocks. Speed dating in bethlehem pa.
They wanted me to join them but I told them I’d stay with you.
” He looked over to me and grinned.

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