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The girl gasped.
“How does this feel?” he asked softly.
His fore finger was inside her pussy barely up to his second knuckle.
She was so wet.
“It… it feels fine,” she gasped.
Her face was hot, her hands clenched at the padded table. Couple my collection cam chat.
Then he started to slide in further, before sliding out and then back again.

Was he examining her insides now? It felt good when he touched her.
“Lay your head down,” he said.
She noticed that something in his tone had changed. Swingers latinos en kearney.
His voice was hard, his eyes focused on her down there, while his finger continued to move, faster.
And then she felt him add another finger.
She felt herself stretch to accommodate him.
“I… I… wha-?” she sputtered.

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Riley?” she questioned, confused.
“I’m going to help you Lorelai,” he said, calmly.
He slid his two fingers out and then back in, and god, it was making her more wet.
“Tell me again.
How does this feel?” She lay back and took a deep breath, feeling the sensation of his hand’s intrusion in her body, in her wet insides, and suddenly her nipples tightened. Leela fucked straight anal.

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