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The feeling was incredible.
I just got lost in it, until she stopped and looked up at me.
“Steven?” “Yes, Mom?” “One thing, when a woman is going down on you, if you don’t know her comfort level, make sure to establish whether it is OK to come in her mouth or not. Blow job redhead nude.
Actually, the better way to put it is to ask her, ‘What do you want me to do before I come?’ That way you put the ball in her court, but never, ever come in someone’s mouth if they don’t want you to.
Understand?” “Of course, Mom.
” She wrapped her lips around my cock, but then pulled back and said, “Well?” I didn’t know what she meant, “Um, well what?” I responded.
“Aren’t you going to ask me if it’s OK to come in my mouth? Free pictures of horny moms fucking. If you can’t even give that courtesy to your mother, how are you going to be with other girls especially your little love, Kate?” “Oh, I didn’t realize, of course Mom, is it OK, or do you want me to let you know?” She chuckled and said, “Good, boy, now don’t you worry.

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Just let me know, so I’m ready for it.
” She continued sticking me deep in her mouth, rubbing my balls with her hand, rubbing her hands up and down my chest and stomach.
I loved hearing the little ‘Sluuuurp’ sound from her when she would be at the head of my cock. Angie dickinson nude pictures.
Looking down at her, her head bobbing over me, I felt the cum about to explode, this felt so good, I started moaning, and groaning, and she noticed.
“Mom, I’m about to come! No really, I am!” She looked up and said, “Shush, go ahead and come, Steven.
“, and put my cock back in her mouth, moving at a feverish pace, he neck fluttering like hummingbird wings.

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I felt the surge and felt my orgasm, more intense than I could have imagined, I was yelping, “Oh, Oh, God, Oh God, it feels.
it feels, ooooh.
!” I exploded deep in her mouth, she kept going, not missing a beat. Ann angel dildo masturbation.
I could see in the dim light that my come was coming out of her mouth, not because she was spitting it out but because it was too much for her to hold.
She kept going until I was completely flaccid.
Like her, my penis was sensitive after such an explosive orgasm, and I put my fingers to her chin and told her I was done.
“Mom, no more, that was amazing! Curlinxxx sexy naked girls live. I don’t want it to hurt.
” I was in a bit of a daze.
Mom slid herself up and lay down next to me, pushing her naked body against my side.
I looked at her, and saw my come dripping off her mouth, her chin.
“Honey,”, she said, looking me in the eyes, “Take a second to come back to Earth, OK?

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Just take a second to breathe and relax.
” She said all this while her lips were dripping with my come.
We lay there for a bit until I calmed down, and Mom asked, “So, how did you like that?” “Mom, that was something I couldn’t even conceive, it felt so good. Hook up in bowie maryland.
Doing it with my hand all the time, I didn’t know the feelings you showed me were even possible.
” She cuddled up next to me, pressing her naked body against mine, and whispered in my ear, “I’m so glad I was able to show you the possibilities.
” I thought about Kate, and sighed, “I wish Kate and I could have this sort of experience.
” Mom was silent for a second, then she took my head in her hands and forced me towards her, and gave me a deep, long kiss on the lips, her son’s semen in her mouth mixing with her own pussy juices in my mouth.
,” she whispered, “We need to bring Kate into this. Small tits shaved masturbate penis cumshot.

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