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Someone banged on her truck.
A guy I knew on night crew just show up to find the paper work.
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She said that if she ever comes by here again she sure would.
And this is my life.
Only a couple more weeks and I’ll neverhave to do rounds again! Alas, it is my job for now, so I’m going to do it.
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No banging co-eds.
No extra tasks from my boss.
This should go smoothly, if not boring.
There is only one hitch for me to consider this time around: the laundry room door.
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The lock is faulty and if you are inside and the door is closed, you are not getting out unless someone comes along.

I cannot tell you how many residents have gotten stuck in there this year.
By this time, everyone in the building knows better than to close the door behind themselves. Girls getting spanked and then fucked.
On my second rounds of the night, I am careful not to let the door slam behind me.
The last thing I need is to get trapped in this hot-ass room.
I actually like searching the laundry room.
After I check for washers and dryers that are out of order, I always make sure there aren’t any items inside the machines. Agatha-monten porn girl canada.

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