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“We hope you don’t mind sir if we show you some local hospitality” Gloria said as she hooked her thumbs in her skirt’s waistband.
I couldn’t say a word and decided not to as the girls both slipped out of their skirts. Live fuck cams.
I had seen these particular pussies before but up close, they were even more special.
They were still wet and I noticed that both had the same little tattoo on the left side close to the clit.
My erection was huge by this stage and very clearly visible through the front of my chinos. Bisexual young girls.
Gloria reached out and took it in her hand.
Slowly she started rubbing me through my pants.
Her other hand was between her legs, continuing what she started in class.
Tessa moved behind me a started undoing my belt buckle. Fuck bitches turku.
I could feel her breasts and nipples against my back and sensing this she started to grind them into me.
Quickly the girls removed my shirt followed by my pants and briefs.
Gloria sank down on her knees when my swollen dick jumped free and wrapping both hands around it started licking at the tip.

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Her lips were ripe around the shaft as she slid my erection into her mouth.
I could feel her tongue on the thick vein under my dick.
Her one hand slid down to my balls, pulling and massaging them.
Slowly she started sucking me into her mouth sliding me in and out of her throat. Chest drain swinging.
Her tits were bouncing in rhythm to her sucking and she moved her free hand back to her pussy fingering her clit.
Tessa was still behind me rubbing her tits on my back.
Her hands were around my back scratching my chest teasing my nipples. Gay bar rob reining pa.
I could feel her teeth on my neck as she sucked and nibbled her way around to my ears.
A very nimble tongue probed and sucked on my ear lobes every now and then slipping into my ear breathing what she wanted me to do to her. Web cam girls videos.
My dick was now on its own mission and I had no control anymore.
I could feel the start of an orgasm creeping down my spine and when Gloria increased the tempo of her mouth on my dick, I knew I was going to shoot my load.

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The ripple of cum pushing into my shaft was intense and I could feel my already big erection swelling with unspent cum.
I held back and forced myself to focus on the wall until I couldn’t anymore.
The first load was shot straight down Gloria’s throat and she quickly jerked back taking the rest on her face. Public upskirt teasing video free.
“My turn” Tessa said but I had, had enough of being controlled.
it’s my turn to show you girls who’s in charge here,” I said.
I turned around and grabbed Tessa’s hands pinning them to her sides.
Pushing her back onto a couch, I positioned myself between her legs. Money talks reality.

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