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It had gone nine-thirty and every second of silence felt like an eternity.
Molly popped her head around the door.
“Any calls yet, Dolly ?” Dolly shook her head.
“We’ve only been open half an hour, Miss,” she sighed, “Most people I know don’t get out of bed till ten!” Molly made a face and was about to return to her office when the phone suddenly rang making them both jump. Mail nudist photo.
Dolly stared at it transfixed.
She glanced at her Boss who could feel her heart beating loudly in her chest.
‘Was this her first customer?’ “Go on then, Dolly,” she urged, “Answer the bloody thing!!” Dolly swallowed her gum and gingerly picked up the phone.
“Good Morning, this is the, um, Spanking Agency. Brazilianpab free live sex inkerala.
Dolly speaking.
How may I be of service?” she replied in her best posh telephone voice.

Molly bit her tongue to stop herself laughing as her secretary “Ummmed and ahhhhhh’d” as she took down the caller’s details. Bulma shemale porn.
Molly stood there waiting like a cat on a hot tin roof until Dolly turned with the phone to her ear and gave her a thumbs up.
A customer.
The agency’s first !! “Tell me a bit about yourself, Margaret,” asked Molly. Wedding day tgp.
The lady sat opposite her was a smart looking, middle-aged, divorced mother of two with shoulder length light brown hair, blue eyes, pert nose, a small mouth, and a shapely figure hidden under a sensible black jacket, light-blue blouse, black skirt, and black stockings.
“Well, my name is Margaret Jackson. Oceanekarla cams live sex mobile.
I’m thirty-seven years old just gone September.
I’ve been divorced for, um, about three years now and have two kids.
Two daughters who are in High School right now.
I used to work part-time at my local bank but got paid off a month ago and I was on the look out for a new job,” she replied as she nervously fiddled with the handbag she was holding in her lap, “And here I am.
” “How did you hear about the Agency?” “Oh, um, a friend of a friend who knew a friend who kind of let it slip the other day when we were having coffee together.

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How she heard about you I have no idea.
I don’t think she got it from The Times job section somehow.
” she smiled.
Molly laughed.
“No, I guess not,” she nodded, “What about the spanking? What made you apply for this kind of work? Juicy latina. It’s not exactly what you would call a normal trade with prospects that you can talk to other people about.
Do you see it as a normal job?” Margaret sat quietly for a moment.
“It was my first boyfriend, actually.

School trip.
He got me into it.
Not that I wasn’t aware of that sort of thing, to begin with.
As an adult, I’ve always had these silly little urges where I get spanked for being a bad girl or whatever even though I never got spanked when I was growing up. Small tits slave masturbate cock and pissing.
I used to day dream about getting a spanking all the time and it got worse as I got older.
Bill, that was his name, was pretty basic.
He just liked feeling and playing with my bum.
The spanking was just something that happened naturally and we both really enjoyed it.
” “Did he spank you often?” The younger woman nodded.
“Oh, absolutely. Wet pussy in pants xxx.
At eighteen, we were young and in love and all we could think about was being alone together and having, you know, sex.

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