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He grabbed them from the chair and put them on his head and began to lick them.
– Yummy? He did not answer, just grabbed me for the base of the skull, and drove his penis completely into my mouth.
I almost vomited that this did not happen, I sucked His dick with all the urine and felt a shot of sperm right in my throat.

But I didn’t stop, I sucked him with such a desire – I didn’t know that Alien’s sperm was so tasty (we didn’t have time to finish in Banya).
After about ten seconds, he finished again, there was a lot of sperm, I relished every sip of the mixture of my saliva and His most delicious sperm.
He stopped me.
– Everything! I can’t take it anymore, the dick will burst now – he groaned.
– Do you want mine? – Is it tasty? – excellent.
I have not tried such goodies yet.
He took my dick, began to suck, he sucked with desire.
He somehow moved his tongue over the bridle in a special way.
About the movie has all been forgotten.
The clip with our heroes has long ended.
I also decided to taste the “cocktail”.
His panties were filled with burning scent.
Their taste was also very, very exciting.
But there was only one unknown pleasure.

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I interrupted Him.
– What’s the matter? I also want to try your cum! – You have time! – I snapped.
His dick is already dry.
– Can you? – Completely.
Now will rise.
He understood what it

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was about.
From under the chair cushion, I pulled out a pre-prepared tube of Vaseline.
Yesterday I was prompted to do something.
While I was lubricating my favorite organ, (And this is His member.
Not mine, but His !!!), the member got up as he gets up before the morning jerk, I lay down on the chair.
He pulled off the foreskin, put my feet on my shoulders, and began to lightly press on my little rose.
I have repeatedly inserted myself various items.
from a thermometer to a decent candle, so it didn’t hurt me.
I knew what to do and relaxed the sphincter.
He easily entered me, and I hugged my soft, almost “virgin” ass.
He was surprised.
– Have you tried? – Only myself.
– I smiled.
– I could not insert even a finger.
– Be able to.
– he specially waited for my remark to use all his strength.
His member entered me completely, I felt him completely, half an hour before His arrival, I made myself a good enema.
I felt His head coming in and out into the foreskin.
I feel.
an orgasm comes to me.
I lost my legs.
– What all? – You will not get it.
I rolled over on my stomach, and again put my ass.
He entered again, now he was thinking only about himself.
I liked it better this way – with cancer and with energy.
A moan and three streams of sperm escaped from me.
I already did not feel anything.
I crawled into the chair, closed my eyes and enjoyed the best orgasm in my life.
Opening my eyes, I saw Him licking my cum from the floor.
– You were right. Cam sex live.

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