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Well done, Vova, – Valya praised one of the boys, unceremoniously spreading his legs to look into the pot.
Kohl looked around.
All the boys were terribly embarrassed by the nannies – especially Vali, who walked down the aisle and looked between the legs of the children, checking the contents of their pots.

Well, Artem? – Valya stopped in front of one of the boys, – Spread the legs.
Show me what you did.
The boy blushed deeply, but nevertheless obediently parted his legs.
Just a little bit, ”said Valya,“ Is it really like that? Push harder.
Take an example from your neighbor.
Artyom began to loudly puff and push.
That’s better already, – smiled Valya.
Valya continued the detour and unexpectedly stopped near Kolya’s neighbor. Cam2cam sex chat.

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