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Again clasping her son’s lips, Alla began to move her head, strongly pressing her head against the palate with her tongue.
Suddenly Vladik cried out softly and a salty liquid began to spill into Alla’s mouth.
Alla, out of surprise, released a member of her son, having decided that Vladik was taking care of her caress, her son’s tense member pressed against his stomach, continuing to throw out the liquid that was poured over her stomach.

Alla saw in the indistinct light from the window that the liquid was white and rather thick, she immediately guessed that Vladik had sperm and immediately a sweet languor spread through her body, the muscles of the vagina convulsively reduced several times, pushing out a vibrator, which fell onto the floor and blacked out.
Vladyk woke up and sat up in dismay, apparently having decided that he was pissing about in a dream.

Looking with sleepy eyes, then on the belly filled with sperm, then on the naked mother he mournfully mumbled: – Mom, I described myself.
Alla sat down on the bed next to her son, ran him over his stomach, blurring the sperm: – No son, you just become a man, this is sperm on your stomach.

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Vladik also ran his stomach, raised his fingers shining from the moisture to his face, sniffing.
– Fu what a mess! Ma, why are you naked? Then he noticed that not everything was all right with the member, after discharge he still remained in good shape, stuck up and glistened with her mother’s saliva.
Vladik tried to hide behind.
– Are you shy, small? Do not be shy mothers, better tell me what you dreamed.
“N-I don’t remember.
Ma so what are you naked? – Simply, it was hot, and here you groaned in a dream.
You still do not remember what you dreamed? – Nope.
– Girl, maybe? – I do not remember, ma, I’ll go wipe out.
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