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“Dry,” the nurse grinned. “But I still had to go to the pot at night.
Having grumbled a couple of minutes that the nurses in the hospital should be obeyed, Olya fell behind me.
And luckily, she didn’t slip the pot anymore.

After breakfast, Olga was replaced by another nurse.
She seemed to know nothing about my pot.
But the girls in the ward, on the contrary, constantly reminded me of him.
In general, they didn’t give me a pass that day: they called me a baby, mockingly pissed me off, even got a nipple somewhere.
Somehow, having repulsed from attempts to shove a pacifier in my mouth, I sat down at the open window, barely restraining myself, so as not to cry from resentment.
Fifteen minutes the girls did not touch me, but judging by their cunning faces and suspicious whispering, it was clear that they had started something vile.
Predation did not deceive me.
It all started with another attempt to seat me on the pot.
Of course, the five-minute persuasion to remove his pants and go to the pot came to nothing lead.
I thought that the girls would leave me alone, but they laughed me to the nearest free bed and began to change my clothes in several sheets right in my clothes.

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I desperately resisted and even tried to call for help from adults, but immediately received a nipple in my mouth.
– Look, what Lala, – Light smiled sweetly, having finished swaddle me.
I tried to spit out the pacifier, but Sveta did not let me do it.
The only thing I had to do was cry from my helplessness.
But the worst thing I have long wanted to write.
After breakfast, I generally ran to the toilet every 10-15 minutes.
“They probably gave me a diuretic,” I thought resentfully, remembering a few pills that the nurse made me drink after eating.
Trying to deal with rapidly increasing calls, I realized that I could not bear it for long and made a new attempt to spit out the nipple to explain to the girls that I needed to go to the toilet.
– Shh! – smiled Sveta, not allowing me to get rid of nipples, – Breast babies do not know how to talk.
Feeling completely helpless before the girls, I roared even louder.
“What a roar,” Natasha smiled gently.
“Now we will shake the rattle and calm down,” Alena giggled

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, taking a light blue rattle in her hands.
– Maybe Dimulya wants to eat? – began to lisp Sveta.
I winced when I saw a baby bottle with a nipple in Sveta’s hands.
“And where did they get all this?” I wondered, “Pacifier, rattle, and bottle.
I wonder what else is waiting for me. ”“ Do you want milk? ”Sveta smiled, poking a bottle in my mouth a couple of times,“ What are you crying like that then? Does your tummy ache? Probably you are worried.
Light sat on the bed and began to massage my belly.
“We’ll massage the tummy and everything will go away,” she said softly. Free live naked women cams.

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