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Do you want me to come? At least for a week !.
– Come and what ?.
I asked the authorities for a business trip directly to the town where Marina lived.

There seemed to be no affairs there, but I invented something, and I did not begin to contradict the authorities.
And now I see my little face from the airplane window! And at Marina’s house I met her 13-year-old daughter.
The girl looked at me with hatred and for the entire time of my stay I never even exchanged a few words with me.
But she had a separate bedroom, and she slept soundly.
Marina in the evening fit in the living room, and at night she resorted to me.
A day later I (I don’t know why) suddenly had a heart attack.
As it turned out, it was the first “bell”, indicating a serious heart disease.
– Marinka, let’s get married! – I said to my beloved the next day.
She did not answer immediately.
– Igor, let’s look at things realistically.
You are a family man

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, you have a legitimate wife, children.
My Oksanka (daughter) hated you at first sight.
She will never admit you, she just adored her father.
You are sick.
North is not for everyone.
All against us, as you see.
Apparently – not destiny !.
Two and a half years passed.
From a Moscow hospital where I was prepared for a heart operation, I (“goodbye”, as it seemed to me) called the cherished number.

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Marina approached the phone (I was afraid that Oksana could take the phone): – Hello, dear! – Igor? Hello! Nice to hear you! How are you, how is your health ?.
– Why, tomorrow’s heart surgery.
But I hope! – Good luck to you! And I got married.
Guy non-drinker, and earns, and helps with the housework.
In general, all the way through.
– I am glad! Wish you happiness.
My operation went well.
Otherwise, you just would not read what I write.
Yes, I tell you, life is not an easy thing: you do not always know where you will find and where you will lose.
My darling returned from the resort, spent a vacation alone in Turkey.
The two did not work, at work I had unexpected problems and, after consulting, we decided that even if she alone enjoyed the sun and the sea in the midst of our dank St. Petersburg winter.
Despite the fact that my wife in her 40 years looks great, I never feel jealous of her.
By and large, she never gave a reason.
Maybe it was that on the side of 20 years of marriage, but somehow imperceptible to me.
On the contrary, I sometimes half in jest told her that in order for a woman to look good in adulthood, she must have a young lover, and it is better to change her more often.
Usually we started such conversations in bed, it noticeably warmed us.
But we didn’t promote the topic very much, I was content with the fact that during our trips to restaurants, the men openly stared at my Marina, who skillfully emphasized her appearance with beautiful clothes and bright make-up.
Here, the suitcase is unpacked, champagne was drunk for the meeting, I am already in my underwear in my pants, listening to the stories and looking at the photos brought from the resort, my wife took a shower after the road and turns in a dressing gown in front of the mirror.
“Look, how did you get tanned,” Marina picks up her robe and turns her ass in front of me. Hot teen webcam masturbation.

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