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Alexander slowly and evil looked at Kostya.
– And why did you take it? – Alexander caught himself thinking that he suddenly really wanted to give Kostya in the face.
– I do not know, I think so, women with such appearance and such habits, always fuck! – Kostya, I have a big request for you, with all sorts of nastiness about the employees of our company not to speak.

And about Marina – in particular.
– And you, what, decided to decisively follow her? Oh well.
You will suffer a crushing bummer, I’m like you special.
on women I speak.
She is a real “dynamic” – that is, the dynamite of all men.
– Kostya, you have something with logic, somehow define yourself.
That does not give anyone, then she.
– utter the word “fuck” in combination with the name of Marina, Alexander did not turn his tongue.
– Under the fuck, I meant a bitchy character and hatred for all men.
– Kostya, you are a representative of the exact sciences and should understand that the terms should be used correctly.
And the fact that she has repeatedly yielded you to corporate events is not a reason to insult a decent girl.
You have a personal dislike for her, and these are exclusively your problems.
And once again, I ask you very much, not to speak anything bad about Marina anywhere else.
And without me and with me, all the more.
Do not.
I still find out.
– And, what, shoot? – Kostya, you’re not a stupid guy, you understand that I can create problems for you, but you are not for me.
Kostya sat down in displeasure, thought for a while, spoke again.
– Well, it means she is a lesbian! – Kostya! Mature private sex pics.

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