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Well, let’s sponge.
I take the soaped sponge and start quietly, not even rubbing, but stroking the neck.
Alla begins to wiggle and squirm slightly, putting different parts of her back under the wash.

Now the spatulas are clean, and the loins, you can go further, but Alla wants in breadth.
She turns left and right, substituting the same chocolate sides.
With every turn all the sponge washes more and more of the side.
Already the chest is visible in profile.
No, I will not touch her with a sponge! Over the chest – please tummy – at least 100 times.
And Alla wants to rub her elastic young breasts on a soft and slippery sponge.
Oh, how you want! She crouches down to her if she is led too low, and stands on tiptoes if she is tall.
Well, I’m not a sadist, and lightly, lightly spend a corner of the sponge between the breasts.
Here Alla is already turning full face and occupies an unambiguous position, they say, she is ready for anything, just pat, bastard, my chest, finally! Freely leaned against the wall, eyes closed, head thrown back. Model sex cam.

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