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Petite webcam orgasm.
I hoped that they would leave me alone, but I was greatly mistaken.
I was forced to kneel, and one of the men pulled a trouser belt around my neck like a dog collar.
After that, I had to crawl on my knees in front of men, portraying a dog.

If I didn’t move fast enough, I would get a belt kick on the bottom.
Then they put me on all fours in such a way that my butt would stick up.

I felt my buttocks pushing apart, and some long and thick object was thrust into my anus.
At first I could not understand what it was, but then I heard the click of a lighter, felt the smell of burning wax and realized that I had a burning candle in my ass.
After a few seconds, I shuddered, feeling hot melted wax dripping on my butt.
It hurt, and I screamed, which caused laughter in men.
I froze, trying to move as little as possible.
But hot drops of wax still burned my ass.
Fortunately, this kind of entertainment quickly aroused my tormentors, and soon one of them pulled out a candle, replacing it with his member.
I started podmivat, so that he would rather finish, but it took a long half an hour before I felt how he was discharging into my long-suffering ass.

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In the meantime, another man settled in my mouth: Let me go only in the morning.
I was completely exhausted, I was very sick with a weary ass.
But at the same time, in my heart, I felt a perverse sense of pride that I managed to satisfy seven men at once.
Not without difficulty, I got to the house, took a shower, fell into bed and instantly fell asleep.
My ass hurt for several more days, but Sasha did not give me a break.
Despite my objections, the very next day he again sent me to my clients.
I had to work more with my mouth, but better lubricate my ass.
It is difficult to say how this life would end for me.
However, as they say, there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.
Petite webcam orgasm.

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