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This is delicious.
I want like you.
– How? – In the ass.

– Tomorrow morning, baby.
He liked it too.
After that we intermarried.
His parents could not hinder us.
With the girls for the first time we had one day in his apartment.
But he will tell about all this himself.
Recently, I first came to the gym.
My trainer showed me dumbbell exercises that I needed to do.
Starting to do the exercises, I drew attention to the high, inflated brunette, who looked at me with interest from head to toe.
I do not know how I told him, but I really liked him: a manly face, a high chest, strong arms, a beautiful belly press (he was wearing only shorts), strong legs.
He had abundant vegetation in the armpits, probably he never shaved them.
I really wanted to surrender to this handsome man, suck his dick.
Doing exercises with dumbbells, I was wondering about him, how we have sex, how he introduces his penis into me: Suddenly, he approached me and said that I was doing the exercises incorrectly.
He showed me how to do and retired to his place.
Having finished this exercise, I asked him to show me another exercise.
He willingly agreed.

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We met, his name was Zhenya.
A month passed, I was all exhausted, I wanted to surrender to him terribly, even when someone fucked me, I imagined that it was Zhenya, but in reality there was nothing further than the banal conversations.
I noticed his gaze on me, but further contemplation of my body did not go.
Once after a workout, I took a shower and got ready to finish bathing and go home, when suddenly

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He came into the shower, went to the next booth and began to take a shower.
He asked for shampoo, giving him shampoo, I looked out of the booth, and my gaze fell on his penis, he stood like a stake, I could not look away from him, I was very excited, but bruising myself, turned away.
Turning off the water, I felt that someone touched me, turning around I saw Him.
He stood and stared at me.
I realized that the long awaited moment had come.
I squatted down and licked his scrotum, his cock.
His balls were very large, his cock was medium-sized, but thick.
I sucked his dick loudly smacking.
Suddenly, the front door creaked and we recoiled from each other.
Those who entered did not notice anything.
I got out of the shower, got dressed and waited for him.
Soon he came out and we decided to go to him: He had a cozy apartment, but he did not let me see everything, but immediately pulled into bed, I quickly undressed, he too.
He put me on my back, anointed my anus with cream and began to inject my penis.
I spread my legs wide apart, then began to spread my anus with my fingers, helping his sausage penetrate me.
He groaned like a train, but his fat cock could not penetrate into me.
Finally, he threw his cock into me and began to fuck me. Reallifecam sex free.

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