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Immediately, a sharp pain pierced me, but when his body was placed inside me completely, the pain went away.
Slava slowly moved to the exit, then back faster.
I started podmahivat.

His penis entered deeply, reaching to the bottom of my butt, touching something there causing a sweet pain somewhere in the kidneys, giving the impression of an absolute filling of the whole of me.
I jerked myself off with one hand and fell into a trance again: A handsome man fucks me with his huge cock.
His fucking like a piston works in my ass.
I wriggle under him like a prostitute, finally, then I was fucked, fucked in all holes.
So I reach out to his lips, his tongue penetrates my mouth.
His tongue as the second member fucks me in the mouth.
I’m glad I’m happy.
This is what I wanted, what I deserved.
My member can no longer tolerate.
Slava takes her gun out of my gut and silently inserts it in my mouth, while he completely swallows my stallion.
A few movements and a miracle! At the same time two streams of sperm are hot and unstoppable in two throats.
I drink greedily.
They cum in my mouth.
I quench my thirst with this tart, thick, salty liquid.

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And it is beautiful.
And tomorrow you can write off everything on alcohol, but maybe not.
Going to the toilet, I sat in the extreme cabin and began to look around impatiently.
On the walls of the cabin were painted guys and men fucking in different poses.
These pictures made me very excited, and, sitting on my point, I began to jerk my cock.
In the next cabin I was busy with some old motherfucker, whispering me to go to him and give him in his mouth.
I sent the old fart away, and began to wait for something, sweetly cheering on my already excited member.
After 10 minutes, someone went to the toilet.
Walking slowly along the booths, a man in military uniform was approaching me.
It was a young officer, about 30 years old, a tall, slim figure, a burning brunette with a mustache.
Having thrown me with his Caucasian gaze, he, after a little hesitation, turned away to the wall, and, undoing his breeches, began to urinate.
It lasted about 2-3 minutes, then he turned, and once again very expressively looked at me.
I was stunned by surprise and lowered my eyes.
But my excited member, sticking out like a stick at the bottom, betrayed me.
The man turned his whole

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body to me, and I saw his recumbent member hanging out of the fly of the breeches, 18 centimeters in length and 4-5 in diameter.
I could not tear my eyes away from such a spectacle, I opened my mouth a little, blood rushed to my head! The officer, looking into the next cabin with the old fag, went to an empty cabin, went into it.
At that moment, I cursed the old idol sitting next to me, who had already jumped out of his cabin and walked over to the peasant, clinging his paws to his penis. Reallifecam sex in tula.

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