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And of course I needed the help of two more, so that with such a precious burden not to fall somewhere in the dark corridor.
We carefully, as it seemed to me, carried my wife to the bed and laid her down, carefully covering her with a blanket.
Drunken eyes did not even see how the hands of one of our guests lingered under a blanket for a long time, pulling off her panties from his wife.

But he didn’t take them off completely, just pulled it in half.
And of course, I could not understand that his wife’s sigh was not a sigh of a tired woman, but a sigh from the penetration of his finger into the crotch.
We returned to the hall and continued our drinking with stories about life, about women and about our young heroism.
Through the hops, tired of drunk, I began to listen to more and more than to talk.
The body did not obey and the head refused to perceive reality.
I was starting to fall asleep.
I woke up with a wild hangover.
He slept right on the couch in the hall, in an uncomfortable position.
Hands numb.
I wanted to drink and start to perceive reality.
I had a disk in front of me, and on a piece of paper it was written with a flourish: “Look.

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You’ll like it.
“With weak legs, I got up from the couch and, shaking hands with a hangover, inserted my disk into the computer’s drive.
What I saw stunned and almost instantly brought me to life.
First, vague pictures, lamp highlights and chandeliers, all three guys and their not distinct voices.
– Well, let’s go? – said one of them.
– And then.
– answered the other door to the bedroom.
The hand turns the knob, opens the door and turns on the light.
It can be seen as a wife sleeping under a blanket, curled up.
– Let’s fill it up – a voice-over is heard.
Then the sound of touching the neck of a glass and one of the guys comes up with a glass of vodka to the bed.
He rudely and without emotion took his wife by the neck, raised him to a sitting position and threw her head back almost poured the contents of the glass into his wife’s mouth.
She tried to resist and choked, but drank a lot.
After which they repeated the procedure with a glass again and discarded the limp.
wife’s body on the pillow.
One was the operator and the other two walked around the bedroom and climbed into the drawers of the dresser and cabinets.
Valuables quickly disappeared into their pockets.
– Oh, look guys, grease.
It will be useful.
Wow, and there are dildos, too, come in handy.
– said one of the two and threw them on the bed.
– Well, let’s get started? – said the operator and set the camera on the cabinet so that the bed would completely fall into the lens.
One of them approached his wife and rudely patted her cheeks.
She just did not clearly moaned in response and, not looking at all,

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tried to distance herself as if from an annoying fly. Sex in bathroom hidden cam.

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