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What are we shy! – Nadya laughed, forcibly spreading the arms of the child to the side, – As if I had never seen naked boys! The girl pulled the boy’s jeans and he began to fasten them in a hurry.
Now you! – She called the second boy.
The boy reluctantly approached the girl and she quickly lowered jeans to his knees.

The plump diaper beneath them left no doubt that the boy had already managed to pee in there.
What is wet? – Nadia shook her head disapprovingly, feeling diapers for the child, – Why did you write about yourself? The boy was embarrassed silent.
How old are you? – asked Nadia boy.
Nine, – that one shyly babbled.
Probably go to the fourth grade, right? – asked the girl.
The boy nodded slightly. Sex machine webcam.

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