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Smotret sex film online. And in the letter, the order was: “Husband, gandon and fagot, An evil deed is plotting, I offer to fuck, To seize my throne, I need to warn the bastard! To plant him in a dungeon, While here I am, on the border, Very soon I will return And I’ll figure it out! ” And the messenger does not rest, We must rush back.
At home, the brothers didn’t sleep, And they waited for the messenger with a message, He reappeared, And almost collapsed to his feet, And then friends again, Arrange the glasses.
Pizdanuv glass with ustatku, Fucked him under the bench, In a moment they dragged the letter, They opened it right there, As the letter they read, So they drove their noses: -Is it really fast to be revealed, What happens to him in prison? Well, sit for a little while, And then she will explain to her, That he didn’t write such things, And fucked up here.

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Immediately rewrote everything And they messed the messenger into a bag.

For the Queen of disobedience, Strict punishment will be! And they had the same hour, Terrible to fulfill the order.
Husband and daughter grabbing, Explaining nothing, Like, the tsarina so ordered That was not our business at all, They quickly put her in a barrel, They sang in the blue sea, And the tsarina returned, Grief almost fucked, Pizdyuley wrote to everyone: ordered ?! They showed her the letter: Read it, here it is! – What the fuck is this? I did not write it! Quickly find a messenger for me, And lead me to him, Let him tell us, asshole, Where else was he wearing! But the messenger was not found, His brothers were already removed, So that he could not break in, Who could replace the letters – They drunk Him with vodka, And drowned in the sea – In the water, scoundrel brothers All hid the ends.
-Where did I find this fucking thing That I could write like that.

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Daughter with her husband is no more.
Well this is so much misfortune I fell on my head, What is so wrong for me ?.
At this time in the blue sea, In the great, in the open, Barrel struggles with the wave, In her man, barely alive, Daughter holds in his arms, Mother in feathers.
Day after day so flies, Daughter is growing up quickly, Don’t believe in miracles here – Not by the day, but by the hour, After all, she recently slept in the cradle, And already became a girl, It became cramped by them, – All pizdets, let’s go to the bottom.
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