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“Take care of Lena, and be with her always.
I love you”.
“What are you talking about, Andrei? We are waiting for you! ”I shouted in my mind.

“She will love you.
Goodbye brother.
This is the last thing I heard from Andrew.
Suddenly his lifeless hand stirred.
Lena and I were stunned on the spot, and I found the strength to call the doctors.
– rather! He is coming back! The nurses ran in, then the head doctor, and they began to fuss, using their cunning medical procedures.
“So,” said the doctor nervously.
– He comes out of the coma.
An injection.
Andrew seemed to come to life, his leg had already moved, but then we heard the disturbing exclamation of the doctor.
– Pulse falls !.
We lose it! Turn on the machine! It seems to me that a transparent cloud rises above Andrew, and I, who are squeezing tears, can only carry it with my gaze into a distant, but I hope, interesting way.
It is claimed that the radio is growing only on the rocks.
The flower of love has chosen a height from which all the guys and girls are visible.
He sees who loves and who pretends, calling his body passion affection, passing after the first spontaneous sex.
– Done.
I watered a freshly planted flower on the grave of Andrew.
The photo of the laughing brother looks at me and Lena and approves everything that I have invented.
Radiola will grow here.
– Do you think it will take root? – Helen asks.
“Of course,” I answer confidently.
– After all, my brother is near.
She kisses his portrait on the monument, and turns to me.
“Thank you, Sasha,” my girlfriend tells me.
Lena is what Andrei left for me in this world.
And it is necessary to save, no matter what the strength.

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I accept her tender grateful hugs and cuddle me.
The girl begins to move her fingers.
– Yes.
My sweetheart)))))) I reward again a whole girl in the sponge.
I even forgot about her pussy.
I myself am pulling my kliterochek.
And the girl is pleasing me inside with her fingers.
– Here look.
With a big finger, you need to press a little here, and then tickle it.
Come on.
Yes!!! Yes!! Well done.
You are my clever.
– Do not forget about your chest.
And you massage my.
Come on, my baby.
Use the second pen to massage your aunt’s chest.
Well no.
Move aside the dressing gown.
Yeah !!! Like this.
Squeeze harder !!! Daaaaa !!! Like this.
Well done, my girl !!!! My girl !!! How fast everything is, you grab everything, Diana)) I am amazed at you)) Just that you saw me without a bra for the first time, but now you hold my chest.
My bare chest.
Umnichka, my little)) Umnichka.
I twitch on a girl.
And Diana obediently does everything I say.
But she often breathes either from fear or shock.
I again kiss the girl in the sponge as a reward.
It encourages her as I noticed.
– Umnichka my baby.
My girl
Come on.
Daaaaa !!!!!! And here I am just.
Brain explosion.
I shudder.
– Ahhhh !!! Daaaaa !!!! Yeah !!!! And here I am.
Filled hand girl.
– What is

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it with you? Have you written? – Noooo baby))))) It’s fluid.
Here look.
I take the girl’s pen.
And lick.
– It is a good liquid.
She saves the girls from the tumor.
And here I am a whole girl.
In the hickey.
I grab the girl with both hands on the head and kiss a hickey.
The kid is trying to dodge.
But she is exhausted.
put her hands on my shoulders and sluggishly, very sluggishly trying to push.
– Mmm.
What are you doing? – Well, how? You helped me a lot.
And I want to thank you.
Just not in words.
And how to do this really close people.
do you understand As adult close people.
That’s why I kiss you.
Dyke kiss again.
And I again a whole girl in a hickey.
And the words seem to have worked.
The girl left her hands on my shoulders, but they just lay there.
And I’m already playing with her tongue.
And now I grab the girl’s chest.
And I kiss her passionately.
I play with her papilla.
Then go down below.
To her bare ass.
How I dreamed about it.
I kiss with wild pleasure.
– Mmm.
– What is baby? – Can I ask? – What? – aa. Special sexy webcam.

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